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In 2004, 244 people were trampled to death on the final day of the hajj ceremonies.

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"Medical pregnancy termination through teleconference is one of the most appropriate medical conditions you can use this for because you don't have to examine the patient," says a Tabbot spokesman.

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Those who work in education research, policy and practice frequently fail to communicate with one another, and when they do, each faction speaks a different language

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When you see the state of some PCs sold, with so much software installed that it would take you hours to clean it all off, this is a nice benefit and well done to LG for going down this route.

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“Then three years later, my hair began to fall out in clumps… I really struggled initially to come to terms with my new appearance

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The war of 1973 represented a failed attempt by the combined armies of Syria and Egypt to reverse the outcome

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The young woman expresses a sense of ennui as she lounges on a velvet chair, dressed in satiny shorts and polo shirts, shoeless in ankle socks

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The original conflict broke out in the dying years of theSoviet Union and has killed about 30,000 people

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We were able to have an amazing relationship because we're both two whole people."

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Joan Collins, reacting to her sister's death, told People magazine that Jackie was her best friend

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As an indirect auto lender, Fifth Third sets a risk-based interest rate, or “buy rate,” that it conveys to auto dealers

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Through social media you can build a detailed profile of your target audience, track trends in real time and analyse consumer culture and behaviour on a large scale.

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Daniels calls the play "two people playing U.S

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But they are correct when they point out that Netflix is a big temblor in a seismic shift viewing habits.

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The separatist alliance will now enter into tough negotiations to form an accord with the Left-wing CUP, a citizens' group that does not want Mr Mas to lead the separatist movement

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We have to analyse that and make decisions

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The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history

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Surprising absolutely no one in the world who hasn't been living under a rock for the past decade, Apple took the number one spot

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Researchers found that the pairs of rabbitfish protect each other when their mate goes around for search of food.

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Katie Moussouris, a former Microsoft Corp security manager, earlier this month filed a gender bias lawsuit against the software maker

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“The device business, I would say, is not dead yet but in bad shape

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With daily services from London, Manchester and Edinburgh to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth via its hub in Abu Dhabi, your journey to Australia will be an experience in itself.

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The rare celestial event was caused by the combination of a lunar eclipse with a so-called “supermoon”

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The combined company is expected to generate pro-formaannual free cash flow of more than $450 million, it said.

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The letter, written by Tinder attorney Jonathan D

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But,breaking up that figure, it expects UK earnings to fall around13 percent and euro zone earning growing 11 percent.

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But she has since returned to work while still refusing to do her job handing out papers.

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In 1985, Steinbrenner promised Berra a chance to manage the team for a full season but fired him in the third week, sending a proxy to pass on the decision.

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When you walk or run a 10K race or longer, blood gets redirected to the legs and away from the kidneys

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