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He had claimed to have only a U.S.passport, and prosecutors said the undisclosed passport, alongwith $15,000 and credit cards in the bag, demonstrate that Yinintended to flee the country.

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(Reporting by Abhiram Nandakumar and Sweta Singh in Bengaluruand Sinead Carew in New York; Editing by Savio D'Souza andSaumyadeb Chakrabarty)

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They closed their doors and said sorry, we can't let anyone enter

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central bank is still on track to hike rates sometime in 2015

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"Hay fever affects 10% of Irish people but can be managed with some simple steps allowing people to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months

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This allows for multiple items to be called up during a single match, but it prevents players from continually spawning power weapons or vehicles on demand.

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16, it issued a two-week stay in a move that came hours before his scheduled execution and set the new date of Sept

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Back at the museum I find a Google server from 1999, with 20 off-the-shelf PCs jammed into a cabinet in distinctly home-made fashion to field early search queries

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The chief of the Iranian hajj organizing agency, Saeed Ohadi, blamed Saudi Arabia for "safety errors" and said in comments to Iranian state TV that "mismanagement by the Saudis" led to the tragedy.

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A senior Iranian official has since accused Riyadh of incompetence.

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Playing in a hostile environment against a feisty opponent might bring out the best in Ohio State, which has played three straight ho-hum home games.

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NHS England's chief executive Simon Stevens agreed to find 22bn of savings to help plug the expected 30bn funding gap by 2020

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Authorities have launched a federal investigation into the deaths of 25 walruses on a beach off the Chukchi Sea in northwest Alaska last week

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On Monday, it confirmed that five million Volkswagen cars with 1.6 liter and 2.0 liter diesel engines are affected worldwide

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"As we aided the establishment of democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are prepared to help bring about democracy in Syria and also Yemen."

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There are supply factors behind that - shale oil in the US and the unwillingness of Saudi Arabia and others to curtail production as they might have done in the past.

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"It's a good sign that these technologies are being progressively adopted."

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Hungarian riot police fight migrants at the border crossing with Serbia in Roszke, Hungary September 16, 2015

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At least 89 Iranian pilgrims perished and 150 were injured in Thursday's crush, according to the official IRNA news agency

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Members of the public can sponsor those taking part to continue the fight against dementia; every penny raised will go to research and care.

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Last December, Alcoa unveiled a process it callsMicromill to produce high-strength aluminum alloy, targetingautomakers who are seeking an alternative to heavier steel.

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However, Samsung’s solution is not without its challenges

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He last won a Cup race on June 2, 2013, at Dover International Speedway.

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dropped 47 cents to $44.05 and Meredith fell more than 2 percent, or $1.01, to $45

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Through the eyes of narrator Sal Paradise (Kerouac himself) the reader is transported from New York to Denver to San Francisco and LA

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Everyone’s so individual, it’s what works for you and brings out that performance in you

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is looking to find partners in the country who aren't Assad to fight ISIS.

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"The most proactive step that anyone with asthma can take is to put a personal asthma action plan in place

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On Sunday, the space agency announced the winners of its 3D-printed habitat challenge at the New York Maker Faire - structures that could actually be used to live Mars

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Earlier, in her first match since losing in the U.S

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"There appears to be a disconnect between consumer confidence and consumer spending at present," the IHS economists wrote last week

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In the run-up to Putin's speech, Russian media covered the preparations with a bated breath

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The note pointedto high debt levels and a need for deeper restructuring.

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The event saw maximum participation from people of Delhi with more than 350 riders looking dapper in their respective suits, met at Vintage 31, Bistro and Cafe by Navya, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

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