Posted on: May 1st, 2010 Collector’s Edge Special – Star Wars Month!

Collector's Edge By Stone

What?!?! There was no Collector’s Edge for weeks and now there’s two in a row??!!?? Insanity!! Well I am going to try to make this a weekly deal from here on, but sometimes I may miss a beat or two. But hey it Star Wars Month over on my site and it is spreading to my work here, so all month look for four awesome Star Wars themed articles!!! Why Star Wars? Well, read some of the stuff on my site and you’ll see. So with out further ado, I give you the BEST STAR WARS HOLIDAY GOODNESS. All the fun of Christmas and it ain’t even summer yet.

Seven Head Mice Kings cower in fear for real now!

And you thought YOUR boss was a ball buster....

Holy crap! It’s a nutcracker and it’s Darth Vader! But he’s really ugly. I’ve seen miles of nutcrackers before and they all looked really good. But this one looks just ok. I would LOVE to see the Nutcracker Ballet with this guy as an addition. Oh my. Darth Vader ina tutu and prancing around on stage. Gives Star Wars a whole new level of weird. Star Wars, the Ballet. I’d pay to see it just for the Sarlacc pit.

May The Force Be With Your Tree

The tree goes up where?

I saw this bad boy last year at Target and fell in love. Yeah it’s not Darth Vader, but it is still pretty damned cool. And he has a light up Lightsaber to boot!! And I have a spinning tree!!! Can I possibly add any more exclamation points here!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously, just look at it. It’s freaking awesome! Who wants a boring old angel or star on top of their tree. I never did. Jack Skelington as Santa rests on top of my tree, but he may soon be replaced by Yoda. What honest to goodness Star Wars Fanboy could pass this one up? This is rated GAVIN’S MOST WANTED!!

These Aren’t The Presents Your Looking For

How can he see where he's going?

Aw. the little droid comes bearing gifts! How sweet. Little do we know every package is a piece of C3-P0 since Artoo secretly had him decommissioned for being so insolent. You don’t cross the God-droid. He’s have you sleeping with the servos.

Well thats it for this holiday edition of Star Wars Collector’s Edge. Star Wars month continues all throughout May over at come see what we are up to. And be on the lookout in June for Team Squids hero team in the FanBoy VS Games Battle Royale tournament.

Get your own Star Wars Holiday goodness here!

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Posted on: April 25th, 2010 Collector’s Edge – Why Lego Why?

Collector's Edge By Stone

Hey folks, I am back and ready to go. What took me so long? Try running a web site. Massive props to Ryan for his work here. My site is going well but it takes a lot of freaking work. So here is the NEW Collector’s Edge format for you to enjoy. :)

Um, was Halo too much of a reach for you?

So you passed on Halo for…..this? Yes, I know that it’s a movie, but it’s based off of a video game. Come on Lego, if you wanted an awesome video game license why didn’t you spring for Halo? It’s things like this that make me wonder if Lego is in fact losing it. They got the Disney license AFTER MegaBloks had it. And what did they do with it? Toy Story. I love Toy Story and all, but Lego’s based off of toys just don’t look right. I do not know why they seemed so determined to make Prince of Persia sets. Is it nice? Yes. But Prince of Persia? Isn’t that a game for teens to adults? But hey, you get a Lego Assassin. Yeah, I don’t see ANY uptight parents complaining about that one. Listen up Lego – You want a good license, you may as well pick up Resident evil if this is the path you are taking. Lego and zombies and survival horror? Match made in heaven. Prince of Persia with light up sands? Not so much.

Do they really work or am I not able to kill Titans with this?

Ability to gouge out a Cyclops eye NOT included

I love me some God Of War and I love me some sword replicas. I have to admit, this is pretty cool looking as far as video game props are concerned. I must say my only question is “Why did this take so long?” I can already see the funny videos pf people trying to get these to really work on YouTube now. I also forsee a lot of severed limbs and serious accidents. But it’ll be worth it to be a billy bad ass like Kratos. This is just way too much to pass up here. Freaking awesome. This is officially rated GAVIN’S MOST WANTED. So go get it. This I command!!!

There is something seriously wrong here…..

Dear God, they are.....ugly?

Am I the only one who sees these new Venture brothers figures as…..not good? I mean, yeah Ilove the show and all, but I refuse to be blinded by the simple fact they are Venture Brother’s toys! It almost seems like they are just, well, rushed and crap. They look bloated and just plain ugly. What were they thinking? I have no idea. It may be something like this – “Well, people will buy them anyways, so who cares what they look like. People don’t go off of looks in our world. that’s just silly.” Yeah, or something like that. I am boycotting these P.O.S.’s seriously. I am past the point of being let down. They may as well have let Mattel make Barbies of them. at least then they would be worth buying.

Get These Items Here And Make Me Happy

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Posted on: April 12th, 2010 MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Gets New Writers

he-manAh Masters of the Universe. Who can forget ’em? He-Man. Skeletor. Ram Man. Stinkor. All of your favorites. It was one of my favorite one-two punch of television-toy properties growing up. And don’t forget the live-action film of ’87 with Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella as He-Man and Skeletor, respectively. Well, ok. You can forget that one.

You may or may not know that Warner Bros. had been trying to revive the property with a new film for quite a while. A few years ago there was a script that apparently kicked all kinds of ass, titled Grayskull. That didn’t happen. Then they began to develop it again a while later. That didn’t happen. History does repeat itself though, and now is the time to cash in on toys as films, so Columbia has acquired the rights and is back in the He-Man saddle.

THR’s Heatvision reports that Predators screenwriters Mike Finch and Alex Litvak have signed on to write the screenplay for the new film. Heatvision reports that the writing duo “attempted to balance a treatment that would convince the studio it was cinematic and keep the toy company satisfied that its characters were being portrayed appropriately.”

Like I said before, with Transformers and G.I. Joe being successful, now is the time to capitalize on toy-lines (we have films based on Battleship, Stretch Armstrong and Monopoly coming our way). The property is also seeing a resurgence of interest thanks to Mattel’s new Masters of the Universe Classics figure line (awesome, awesome figures, by the way).

Personally, I think you could do some really cool things with a Masters of the Universe film, especially with the big budgets and effects thrown at these films. Imagine all they could do with the medieval swords and savagery meets technology and gadgets.

Granted there’s always room for failure. Snout Spout, I’m looking in your direction.

More on the new Masters of the Universe film as it breaks.

Also, I would kill for a Hungry Hungry Hippos creature feature.

Posted on: March 27th, 2010 Collector’s Edge – The Half Way There Edition

What’s Up With Your column Stone?

It’s still here, but I want it to be more which is why I am in the process of making it that way. Only it took a little longer than I expected. I forgot how much time had passed until Ryan sent that squad of midget assassin samurai’s to my house. Now I am trapped inside cause I am deathly afraid of their lazer swords and war cries so I figured it’s time to show you some of what I am working on.

Fisrt and foremost, look at this –

MadMen Barbies?

Yes, that is BARBIES, a female product, based off of MadMen, a male show. I am so confused. Outside of really manly women, who exactly is going to buy this set? And how does it NOT come with cigarettes and alcohol? I tried to watch MadMen, just couldn’t get into it. But I hear nothing but good things about this show. Yet….well I am confused. A Barbie set? Did A&E just throw a dart at the board of products and it landed on dolls? Better yet, does this show even need toys? I think not.

Now, here’s a peek at my new headline banner, it’s a work in progress so be nice.


What I plan on doing with the new article series is going a little further than “Oh look at this” It’s going to be funny and hopefully talkable. Being a collector is not always easy, and some things, like these MadMen dolls are just confusing. So keep an eye here, wait to see the insanity that will come from it, and lets do this thing!!

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Posted on: March 2nd, 2010 Collector’s Edge – The Toy Fair Edition

Toy Fair. No greater time of year. Except Halloween. And Festizio. Ok, so maybe not THE greatest time of the year, but damn close. LOTS of fun stuff came out of this years event, and here are my favorites.

Cool Ass Super D Star Wars toys!

Nice. Doesn’t anyone remember the birth of this line with Episode One’s release? I am glad to see it still alive and kicking these days, and it spawned off into super heroes. But that cool ass chunky fun Falcon has NOTHING on this AT-AT. This is totally rocking.

cute and deadly all in one.

Living Dead dolls versions of classic horror….and Beetlejuice. Looks cool, but where is my Sweeny Todd?!?!?

Still awesome even after that crappy sequel. A bad guy in a painting? For real?

Of course these will be hot, what with the third movie on the horizon. Nice.

Serious Kick Ass!!

I LOVE these statues, they are just friggin awesome in so many ways. And they look damn good next to each other.


Maxx? The Tick? SCUD?!?!?! Be still my hyper heart…..

FanGirl not included

So… they relfect bullets for real?



Go Team Venture!

If I even have to explain this one to you then you should NOT be reading this blog. Period.

Dark Power.

Finally a Bishoujo that can rival the Ame-come. And it’s Dark Phoenix. Sweet.

you can fly!

Now all i need is a sock puppet worm and I am in business.


Coolest, most awesome thing from Toy Fair this year. From funko. Holy crap I want these. I will populate my house with a horde of Storm Troopers.

And that’s all for this week. I’ll be back soon enough with my new Collector’s Edge format done. See you all then!

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Posted on: February 7th, 2010 Collector’s Edge – The ReBoot Edition


Ok folks, I am working on a new format for this column. Follow with me as I start to add new aspects to it and tweek it to be the best it can be. Let me know what you like and what you don’t as we evolve into epic awesomness.

Queen Of Evil
You shall be cursed to never have....A CELL PHONE!!!!

Face it, Disney has created the best bad guys ever over the course of almost a century. These are always the most memorable characters form anyone’s childhood. I personally love Ursula, but damn if Malificent is not just evil. And now look at her! In all her dark glory. But what would she possibly curse someone with today? Lack of technology?


I do not know what these are but I love them.

Help In The Afterlife
No rodeo clowns here.

So does this mean they will finally do a line of Tim Burton characters? I would LOVE to see a Sweeny Todd one. Nice. Shave and a haircut?

Help Say It Five Times Fast
A board game of a table top game? Hmmmm.

Horus Heresy. Horus Heresy. Horus Heresy. Horus Heresy. Horus Heresy. Confused yet? I like Warhammer 40K, but does it really need to be a board game confined by the rules of a, well, board?

Fear Of A Classic
Pew. Pew.

I love War Of The Worlds. And as much as I loved the tripod design from the Speilberg pic, nothing invokes a sense of fear like the original designs from the first movie. Those floating pods of death. The sounds they made. You know it from anywhere. I want to make an army of these things to put around my house to scare away solicitors. Of course those types are afraid of nothing, let alone aliens. They’d probably try to sell them some land or something.

Gavin’s Most Wanted
Dare You To Sell cookies Here.

What is a good villain without an equally good lair? Nothing. Malificent’s castle is the epic of all epic lairs. It is dark and brooding and it even has dungeons!! I want a lair with dungeons. Hell, I want a lair period. 

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Posted on: January 24th, 2010 Collector’s Edge – Blast From The Past

Hailing The Mothership

Anyone see that Flight Of The Navigator ship? I got a score to settle with him...

Anyone see that Flight Of The Navigator ship? I got a score to settle with him...

Now I am not all gaga over Metroid like a lot of gamers out there. I was always more of a Sega FanBoy as it was. But I do like this replica of Samus Aran’s ship. It is such a cool little design. And it makes me happy that technology has come so far that we can actually make this a reality. Saying that, I still think it would be fun to make a blocky Lego version soon enough. Why hasn’t Lego picked up any video game properties?

Leggo My Mego

My mom makes me wear footie pajamas. Don't laugh, you should see what Martha does to Superman.

My mom makes me wear footie pajamas. Don't laugh, you should see what Martha does to Superman.

I LOVE Megos, and now DC Direct is taking a page from the classic toy book and releasing new Mego styled figures! So does this mean in 30 years or so these will be hot vintage toys? Makes you wonder. What exactly will be considered uber valuable in the future the way original Star wars toys are today.
I Can’t Take Small Spaces

I have to wonder if these monsters are shown actual size cause I want to know how in the hell you fit that beast on top on the small game board....

I have to wonder if these monsters are shown actual size cause I want to know how in the hell you fit that beast on top on the small game board....

You’ll start to see some more board games in my column, and I picked this one this week cause it seems to be a variation on one of my all time favorite board games ever – DOOM! Man you could seriously screw the humans in that game, and so can you here, but this one has a light factor, with the valuable sunlight decreasing every turn which makes the demons far more powerful. Very interesting.

Hey, I Remember Her!

Spawn? He ain't got nothing on me.

Spawn? He ain't got nothing on me.

I had no idea Lady Death was still relevant these days. I used to have all the figures from her line of toys cause she was awesome! Heck, I didn’t even know Moore Action was still in business either! How have both of these stayed afloat all these years? Oh yeah, deals with the devil. Silly me.

Stone’s Most Wanted

Wouldn't it be funny if they made a bust of the seventh child of Snow's?

Wouldn't it be funny if they made a bust of the seventh child of Snow's?

YES!! From one of my favorite comics comes some awesome merchandise! Fables is bad ass, telling the story of fairy tale creatures living in our world after the Advesary took over theirs. And you will be so surprised to learn who the Advesary is in the story. Such a good, good read. I wonder if ABC is still trying to make it into a series?

He'll huff and he'll puff and he'll kick your ass.

He'll huff and he'll puff and he'll kick your ass.

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Posted on: January 23rd, 2010 Posable Basterd: Hot Toys Aldo Raine Figure

When Hot Toys announced that they had nabbed themselves the Inglourious Basterds license, I quickly marched down to main street in my skimpiest frock and solicited my body so I could afford one of these impressive collectibles.

Here’s our first look at the Lt. Aldo Raine 1/6th scale figure. Thing looks so damned good I’m going to have to steam-clean that crushed velvet dress again.


The figure includes:

  • TruType body, approx. 30cm tall.
  • 34 points of articulation.
  • Three pairs of interchangeable hands (relaxed, holding gun, holding knife).
  • Jacket, sweater, scarf, trousers and hat.
  • Leather belt w/ gun holster and blade sheath.
  • Leather boots and bag.
  • Water bottle.
  • Figure display stand w/ nameplate and logo.
  • Weapons: rifle, machine gun, pistol, large knife and small knife.

The figure will be released sometime in second-quarter of this year and will probably retail around the $175-200+ mark. As usual, Hot Toys products are in very high demand. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a 1/6th scale ‘Bear Jew’.

Check out the gallery below.

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Posted on: January 10th, 2010 Collector’s Edge – Holiday Cool-down


Hey all I am back from the holidays and ready to get back in the collector saddle. What a busy year it was last year and it seems this year will be no different! I got some fun stuff for you all so let’s get right into it.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted on: December 24th, 2009 Collector’s Edge – Dear Santa Pt 4


Dear Santa

Can we talk about this?

Wow, Santa, it has been a year. I know, I know- the years are flying by. I can not explain it. Tomorrow is Christmas, then before we know it is is Spring, then Summer, the Halloween, and then here we are again pleading to you to overlook our naughtyness. In honesty Santa I have’t been too naughty. So perhaps this, my fourth item, will totally be granted.

You see, I want great things for I owe a lot to Ryan for taking a chance on a guy who is, well let’s face it – sometimes way out there. Sure you may only see me writing the Collector’s Edge column, but do you see what Ryan and the others put into this site? I have all sorts of crazy respect for Ryan. I am starting my own site in January and already it is so much to handle. And Ryan makes it look easy. I mean there is dealing with staff, updates, advertising, reviews, news and just so much to do everyday. It is not as easy as I thought it would be, not by a long shot. Hopefully I will have the same greatness in my staff that Ryan does. Do not be mistaken, I am not going anywhere, Collector’s Edge will continue, but now you may see some other things coming from me too. So Santa, think you can make even more awesome? I got an idea for it, see the pic below. I think this pretty much wraps up my vison for Merry Christmas Ryan and all the rest of you guys here at Hope it is merry and bright and not flammable.

Bow down before the power of the canadian SQUID!!!

Bow down before the power of the canadian SQUID!!!

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Posted on: December 21st, 2009 Collector’s Edge – Dear Santa Pt 3


Dear Santa

Can I declare a mulligan? I swear it won’t happen again. You can’t expect me to be good all the time.

Can you?

See, Santa, one of the joys of being a collector is seeing how even though big companies don’t see the value of something, it is people like us that keep it going. Take Futurama for one. The show – brilliant. So much better than the Simpsons any day of the week. But what got canned? Futurama. But it just won’t die, which people are starting to say the Simpson’s should do. Anyways, I am proud to be a Futurama fan and I love all the products that have come from this cancelled show. Yeah, I know it is coming back. I wished for that two years ago, remember? When I had that banner good year and did no wrong? You remember, I know you do. So now Santa I want Futurama toys. All of them, including RoboSanta and Robot Devil. I must have these to go with my Mr Burns figure and my Bender Cubee’s. I know you can do this, but most importantly I want you to make sure Futurama doesn’t sell out upon its return. Don’t let it drag on for 20 years and make a crappy theatrical movie that really doesn’t add anything to the series. I want to see the Planet Express crew be treated right, and when it is there time let it be their time. As long as I have wind up Bender toys, I’m all good.

Slackers everywhere unite!

Slackers everywhere unite!

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Posted on: December 18th, 2009 Collector’s Edge – Dear Santa Pt 2


Dear Santa

I can explain everything. Really.

You know, I am not hard to shop for. I hate when people say that to me cause I like just about everything. Except country music. And those damned circus peanut candies. What the Hell are those anyways? But all of that is besides the point Santa. I hope you do not find it hard to shop for me. Just in case though, I would really like the Sideshow Collectables newest Star Wars figure – ruler of the galaxy and Sith Lord supreme Emperor Palpatine. I mean, who wouldn’t love this figure?!?! Just look at it!! It even has an optional awesome Death Star Throne accessory. See, this is why I was thankful for Sideshow earlier. They just rock hardcore. But this figure alone has got to be the ultimate gift for any Star Wars fans, like me! So what’dya say Santa? Think you got one for me?

The Dark Side of Christmas is calling.

The Dark Side of Christmas is calling.

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Posted on: November 29th, 2009 Collector’s Edge – Dear Santa pt 1


Dear Santa

I’ve been good.


My Christmas wish is really a simple one. If you can look past my ‘mistakes’ in the field this year all I really want is for the glorious return of Heroscape. You know, that bad ass collectable board game? It was so awesome. You got to build the terrain with hex tiles. There was grass, sand, rock, water, trees and a whole lot more. And then you picked your army. Each unit was based off of something in history, like Gladiators or Minutemen, as well as mythological beings like Dragons and Elves. There were even aliens in it. The concept was brilliant and there was so many expansions for it that introduced Lava and Castles and all sorts of fun. You could go into any store and see this stuff, and it was all fairly priced. For years it was the greatest time you could have with your friends cause the thought of some Roman Archers squaring off against Zombies and a Dragon was just too much fun to pass up. And then they announced the Marvel expansions! WOOT WOOT! Super heroes! And to top it off they were hinting at pursuing adding in Star Wars!!!! What could go wrong????


Wizards of the Coast, that’s what. For some reason Hasbro let Wizards of the Coast take it over. Gone forever were the community/maker interactions. Gone forever were the great availability of all aspects of this game. Gone forever were the continuous releases. Instead of keeping everything that worked to make Heroscape what it was, Wizards of the Coast decided that Heroscape needed to become a specialty shop game, jacking up prices and making it harder to continue having Heroscape love.

Santa, this is the perfect example of greed and stupidity. Why would anyone take something that was so fun and ruin it for no reason? Oh yeah, that’s right – Wizard of the Coast are a bunch of dicks. That’s why. Well, knowing that, my Christmas wish is for you to fix that. Return Heroscape to where it belongs, which is in the hands of the creators, and let the glory that is Heroscape be returned to the masses so that the best gaming experience ever can live on.

And I promise next year I will be 100% good.


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Posted on: November 22nd, 2009 Collector’s Edge – Thankful Edition

What I Am Thankful For

Being a Collector is a lot of fun. In a world where everything related to toys is primarily geared towards kids 8 and under, it is nice to see the hobby of collecting growing more and more every year. I have been collecting action figures and statues for well over ten years now. Actually, maybe even longer. I had Jafar on my desk in high school. Yeah, that was a long time ago. I was around for the very first seasonal issue of Toy Fare.

Now as we near the time where we give thanks for our blessing in life, I want to look at what we collector’s have to be thankful for.


First, as the collector’s best friend, is Sideshow Collectables. No other company out there kicks as much ass and takes as many names as they do. From Disney to Star Wars they provide an outlet for whatever you are in to. They have high end collectables, they have low end collectables and everything in-between – all of it just amazing. They take a lot of time on each of their products, like the Star Wars Lightsaber replicas. They have the Disney Masterpiece Collection which is just amazing. And their Muppet replicas? Wow. You will even find item’s they distribute for other companies, like the awesome Hot Toys with their Real Action Hero line. Those are like Barbie on crack. Spot on likeness’ and great articulation make them the best you can get. Sideshow has quickly become THE place to look for the coolest collectables. They are the company that can not be beat.


Though not as heavily present as they used to be, I am thankful for McFarlane Toys for changing the toy industry and making collector’s very happy. Action Figures stepped up with this company. They have had many lines over the years that are well worth seeking out. Right now it is mostly all Sports and Halo, but once upon a time it used to be Tortured Souls and Dragons and all sorts of fun. Each line had a history behind it, created just for that line. The Alice In Wonderland series was bad ass, and let’s not forget their take on Christmas. I miss this company most of all. Their presence is not as it once was. I am hoping for a return to greatness from them if they can just get away from the Halo license, even though that is a cash cow. I want to see more original lines like the Tortured Souls.


Diamond Select came out of nowhere a few years back. It was a place to find a little of everything, much like Sideshow, but for the comic book market. One thing Diamond Select is king of is import toys. Imports are like the Holy Grail of figures to get. Once they were outlandishly priced, then Diamond Select came in and fixed all of that. I for one was happy. I got my Trigun figures for about $20 a pop instead of $75. Outside of the import madness, Diamond also distributes a lot of localized items. Their most popular is the Marvel Figures line, that has included everything from Ultimate Captain America to Zombie Hulk.


Lastly, there is a company who took the reins to get their IP’s done right. DC Direct is truly dedicated to their properties and their fans. Though I am not a big DC guy, I love what DC Direct stands for. They make sure all the items they produce are the best they can be. There is no third party group controlling the products, like Marvel and Mattel, so everything is exactly what you want from them. Their line of DC Universe figures give the fans an awesome set up of heroes and villains. And have you seen the DC Dynamics Statue line? Toys and statues? What more could a DC fan want? You can find everything in the DC Direct lineups, including quite a few of the lesser known heroes.


These are a few of the things I am thankful for. I would love to hear what you are thankful for this year. Let us know and Happy Thanksgiving all of you Squider’s. Now to conquer Christmas!

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Posted on: November 8th, 2009 Collector’s Edge – Countdown to Christmas!

Mad as a, well, Hatter!

Care for a cup if tea? Flaovred with INSANITY?!?!

Care for a cup if tea? Flaovred with INSANITY?!?!

I love all things Tim Burton. There are somethings that just scream for his style, and Alice in Wonderland is one of those things. I am really looking forward to this movie cause I just love the original stories of Alice and I really like The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, and it seems this movie is a mash up of the two almost. Anyways, here’s the Mad Hatter. Wow. A far shot from that crazy animated version from Disney. Curiouser and curiouser. Though I wouldn’t drink any tea he gave me cause you never know what will happen, not like that one night in San Diego.

King of the Animted Hill!

Find us in the AWESOME aisle!

Find us in the AWESOME aisle!

Who doesn’t like Pixar? You? Over there? Yes, stand up please. BANG. Someone call for cleanup on aisle 13. Now who else doesn’t like Pixar? Good. The introduction of the Formation Arts line of mini statues was awesome for Kingdom Hearts and I am very happy to see it continue with Pixar. I mean, just look at these things! How many different ways can you say awesome?

The Return Of The Original Solid Bad Ass

Anyone seen a good box lately?

Anyone seen a good box lately?

Forget Raiden. Forget old decrepit chain smoker Snake. It is all about THIS guy, the youthfull bad ass Solid Snake. I loved Metal Gear Solid, but something was amiss in the follow ups. Most Namely the annoying Raiden who forced you to go through a 20 minute tutorial level AN HOUR AFTER YOU HAD ALREADY BEEN PLAYING! The only thing that would make this figure any cooler is if it came with a box to hide in! I guess I will just have to settle for my papercraft version in the mean time.


The Pwer Of The Darkside, Now For Telling TIME!!

The Pwer Of The Darkside, Now For Telling TIME!!

Wow. I am at a complete loss for words for this. It’s creepy. It is weird. And I have to have one. But why? Look at it!! It’s just, wow.

Gavin’s Most Wanted

With this ring I thee wed.

With this ring I thee wed.

As ‘cool’ as the last item was, this takes the cake this week. I love me some Green Lantern. Yeah, I know it is DC and I am a hardcore Marvel guy, but sometimes DC does do something right. I have always wanted a Green Lantern ring, I guess there’s no excuse to not get one now. Won’t the wife love trying to explain that one when we are out!

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