Posted on: May 17th, 2009 Back Issue: Daredevil Lowlife Review


Lowlife is Daredevil 41-45. It takes place right after the whole White Tiger trial which ends not in Matt’s favor. If you haven’t read this, I am about to give away some major story elements. So everything that led up to this, Silke coming into his minor role of power, the stabbing of Wilson Fisk, Matt Murdock being put up to dry as Daredevil in the newspaper, this all led up to this little arc. I was actually planning on reviewing all the issues between 19 and 41 but there was nothing to break them up so it was hard to tell where to start and where to end to review. So with all the above hopefully you are caught up and ready to dive into Lowlife.

Lowlife is the story about a young woman named Milla Donovan crossing the street after saying goodbye to a friend and almost being hit by a truck. Lucky for her, Daredevil happened to be around corner and grabbed her right before she was hit. He goes through a glass window unable to stop because of the speed he was going at and Milla ended up with glass in her arm. As they land she takes her hand and touches Matt’s face and Matt realizes that she’s blind too.

As this is going on, The Owl is rising to power. He wants to take the place of Kingpin and has hired all of his ex-lawyers. The Owl seems to have some power but doesn’t seem to have the presence. I mean come on, he’s The Owl. Even Stilt-Man comes to Matt saying that he gives up. He comes into Matt’s office and drops off a case with his costume and says he quits. Matt denies to him that he’s Daredevil and Stilt-Man says he doesn’t care, that even if he’s in cahoots with him, to tell Daredevil he quits. Matt denies till the end but Stilt-Man leaves telling him about The Owl’s rise of power.

So of course Daredevil goes to find out what The Owl is up to only to find The Owl keeping closed lips and letting the lawyers do the talking for him. Daredevil is getting frustrated and finds a camera filming him. Daredevil smashes the camera and is more pissed than before. He leaves furious and not doing what he came to do in order to save himself from exposing himself to the media.

As this happens, Rosenthal, the man who owns the newspaper Matt is suing for the Daredevil article about him, is killed in his home in Connecticut. His head is ripped off, not cut off, ripped off and left in his pool. Personally there is only one man in the Daredevil world I know that could do such a thing. Later Silke, the man who tried to kill Kingpin and for his safety gave up Daredevil’s identity, Matt Murdock, is found in prison with his head smashed in like a melon. So yeah, he was a short lived character.

By the end we get what we want, and just in case you haven’t read it yet I will spare you the details, but we do get what is expected, and wanted. Again this little arc leaves me wanting more and to go read the next 45 Daredevil comics, which I will. The stories by Brian Bendis are becoming some of my personal favorites and Alex Maleev leaves you with such a film noir sense that truly does Daredevil justice. No pun intended.

I really enjoyed it and give it a 4 out 5. Not a great, like Daredevil 168, which I just read so I guess it’s hard to compare, but still very good. Definitely worth a read. If you’ve already read it let me know what you thought, or if you have any comments post away.

Posted on: May 9th, 2009 Back-Issue: Daredevil Wake Up


This little story arc is through the four issues of 16-19. I told myself after the last two story arcs in this second volume of Daredevil that I would take a break and just read through it, thinking how could it be as good as the previous two. Damn, I was wrong again.

This story in the Daredevil comics is not through the eyes of Matt Murdock, but through the eyes of Ben Urich. I did a little research on Ben and he’s been around since 1978, first appearing in Daredevil 153. Now I was first introduced to this character during the Civil War series in the Frontline comics and really enjoyed them. He was also a great character in the World War Hulk series. Unfortunately I was not as big of a fan of the Frontline in the Secret Invasion series, but that’s just me. So like other characters that I’ve been making these connections with, like Echo in that last Daredevil event, I really enjoy seeing a sort of history of these characters. And Ben Urich tells one hell of a story.

Ben Urich is talking to a young boy Timmy, who seems to be in a state of post traumatic stress from losing his father. The boy only speaks as if talking from a comic book. Ben finds this story to be quite captivating, and although I don’t know Ben’s history all that well, he seems to have some issues with his own father that makes him relate to this boy Timmy. Ben being the reporter that he is continues with this boy trying to figure out what’s wrong with him, only to discover that his father was a villain known as Leap-Frog. Now Leap-Frog was last seen battling Daredevil, and the reason the boy doesn’t speak has some connection to him.


Ben goes from the police to the mother, to teachers and all around trying to figure out this case. Matt Murdock isn’t available to take questions as this story is going on parallel to the last event with Kingpin on trial. It just so happens that the trial is referenced through the whole story as Ben is supposed to be covering it. Jonah Jameson is constantly on his case about being there for the trial but something about the boy is keeping Ben to his original story.

The artwork is done by David Mack as is a style that I just love. I’ve seen it before and always thought little about it, but in this story of a boy who has lost his father, the art work really brings the boys mind to life. The drawings by the boy are portrayed in such a way that there is pain behind them.

Brian Michael Bendis is the writer of this great little arc. You may know him from some of his work in the New Avengers series as well as Ultimate Spider-Man and is currently writing the Dark Avengers series. He really brings the character of Ben Urich to life here and gives me a whole new outlook on the Dark Avengers series.

So as you can tell I’ve dove head first into the Daredevil universe for the past few weeks and have enjoyed it immensely. As far as Captain America goes, who is my favorite Marvel character, Daredevil is climbing up the ranks. He’s a character that deserves better recognition as a great hero. Or maybe it’s kind of cool that he is one of those hidden treasures that not as many people talk about like Spider-Man or the X-Men. Either way if you like Daredevil and have read this let me know what you thought. Also if you have any recommendations I would love to hear it. Just as a side note I have just acquired all the work that Frank Miller has done including his work on Daredevil so it will be something I will be reading soon as well.

Posted on: May 3rd, 2009 Back Issue: Daredevil Parts of a Hole

Just wanted to start out by saying sorry that this came out Sunday instead of Saturday. I’ll be doing two comic reviews a week now, Weds will have the Pull-List while Saturday will be Back-Issue. Wanted to give you all a heads up.


So as you know from a few weeks ago I had started reading Daredevil volume two and said that whenever a story arc caught my attention I would do another review. Well the next issue after the conclusion to Guardian Devil led me right into another great story, Parts of a Hole. I’m sure most of you have heard of the character Echo from the New Avengers series, and personally I liked her. I thought she was a badass chick, but really knew little to nothing about. Until now.

Parts of a Hole takes place in issues #9-15. Being only six issues, it really leaves you wanting more, which I guess you get later down the line. Matt Murdock is still mourning the death of his ex-girlfriend, Karen who was killed by Bullseye in Guardian Devil. This tells the story of how he wishes to be left alone while we are introduced to a new character, Maya Lopez. Her story closely resembles Matt’s as we see a parallel sense of emotion from both characters. Maya is deaf, and although she can’t hear unlike Matt who can’t see, she also has a heightened sense, but in learning. She can imitate anything that she sees. I’m sure if you haven’t read this story already, you can see where this is going.

Maya’s father was murdered when she was younger. She had been left to go to a good school for children that are gifted in some way or another, not quite mutants, but more like special. She excelled and learned many things, how to master the piano, master boxing, dancing and other things. She feels things instead of hears them. She can feel the vibrations of the audience and their applause is what she lives for. One in particular, the one that has paid for everything she needed growing up, Wilson Fisk.

Now Matt has opened up a new firm with his friend Foggy, and their first client is a man who claims to have information that could put away Mr. Fisk. They bring him into their new office and upon having him sit down, he demands protection. In this instant he is shot right through the window by an unknown gunman. Matt jumps into action as Daredevil and runs down the shooter, collecting the phone and talking to Mr. Fisk personally. He tells him that he knows that Kingpin killed the witness that could put him away and that now he was coming after him.


Kingpin being who he is decided to bring out his new little potential assassin to play. He brings Maya in and shows her a video of Daredevil with a gun declaring that it was the same gun that killed her father. Kingpin tells her that Daredevil is after him and this sets her off. She then goes off to find and kill Daredevil. Now this is only the beginning of the first of the six issues and it only gets better. The fights are great and the story itself carries along at a great pace. This is another book that you just can’t seem to put down.

David Mack tells a great story here and introduces a character that I really hope to see more of in the future. She also makes an appearance in the Secret Invasion event and I’ve read that she will appear in the new Spiderwoman comics, which should be interesting after the twists of Secret Invasion. The art by Joe Quesada is just amazing, some of the best I’ve seen in comics recently. There is a mixture of child’s art and the hard noir feel of Daredevil that mixes so well in these stories.

So as you can tell I liked this one as well. It really stood out and I’ve really started to enjoy the Daredevil series. You guys should check it out and let me know what you think. If you have read this already let me know what you thought. Again I’m on twitter so come follow me and find out what I’m reading, watching, or p

Posted on: April 29th, 2009 Back Issue: Daredevil Guardian Devil Review


Once again I’m trying a new character that I’ve yet to really gotten to know. Daredevil was a character that always seemed to show up in crossovers and I’ve never taken a real interest in him before now. I’ve read Daredevil: Born Again by Frank Millar a while ago and remember it being something great, but haven’t really picked up anything of him since then, until now.

Daredevil: Guardian Devil is the first eight issues of volume two. It starts off with Daredevil reminiscing the loss of Karen Page, who lucky for me, I remember from Born Again. He goes to church to confess only to hear the racing heart beat of a young woman and a child. He rushes out of confession seeing the two being chased down by a car when he makes his move. He jumps on top of the car, throwing his fist through the driver side of the front windshield causing the pursuers to crash. The young woman and child are gone and Daredevil is left to explain himself to the cops.


Daredevil is disturbed by this event and goes to work. Here he’s talking with Foggy when he hears the heart beat of the two victims from earlier. Long and behold the two come right to his office in search for him. The young woman comes in with her baby telling Matt that she had a dream from angels that she had to give him the baby. Matt says he could take care of the people pursuing her, but she then says that the angels also told her that he was Daredevil. This surprises the hell out of Matt and before he knows it the young woman is gone.

Now Matt leaves the baby with the Black Widow to try to figure out what’s going on, only to find Karen Page knocking on his door. She bursts in crying and telling Matt that she has HIV. This again surprised Matt as his whole world is being turned upside down. He continues to work to find out where this baby came from and why there are people trying to kill it and as he comes closer to the answer he starts to lose his mind slowly.

The story through eight issues takes its twists and turns, main characters die, and a well known super villain makes himself know by the end. And it’s not Kingpin. The end leaves you feeling something, a little sad, maybe a little happy, but the point is it makes you feel. It made me feel, and to me that’s what makes a good book. This is a series that you find yourself so wrapped up in that you don’t want to put it down. The appearances by well know characters make this an action packed but very well told story.

Kevin Smith does a great job with this as the writer and surprisingly this is his first run as a comic book writer. Joe Quesada does a great job with the art, especially with the fight scenes. So as you can tell I really enjoyed this one. I just picked up all the comics from volume two so whenever I run into an event that deserves coverage like this first one, you can be sure to find another Back Issue review. Let me know what you guys think of this if you read it and leave any comments.

Posted on: April 15th, 2009 Back Issue: Wolverine Agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. Review


This is part two of the Enemy of the State event and concludes the story of what happens with Wolverine and The Gorgon. The story starts out with a little history of the Gorgon which is actually is kind of interesting. You tend to get lost in all the action and the story and sometimes just accept things for what they are, like this character the Gorgon. Though it’s not a strong and extensive history for it, he is there and it works. It also makes you appreciate the evil that the character really is.

The story goes on with Northstar about to be decapitated so he doesn’t turn into one of the Hand and just as the X-Men are saying their good byes Elektra and the Hand teleport in and grab up Northstar. The X-Men don’t stand a chance and Northstar is gone. Mean while back on the Shield Heli-Carrier they are giving Wolverine extensive simulations to go through in order to deprogram all the brainwashing that was done to him. He doesn’t seem to be taking it to well but when we catch up to him he just made a breakthrough of not killing a pregnant woman. This was the two hundredth time he went through the simulation and didn’t kill her.

As Wolverine is going through the simulations, the Gorgon and all his brainwashed bad guys and new super heroes attack the Shield Heli-Carrier. This is where we are left after the first issue. Again there are six issues and this time things speed up a little bit faster. Jumping in from here in the second issue the doctors fear for their lives and although they don’t think Wolverine is ready to be let off the chains, they figure they’re going to die anyway so screw it. They disconnect Wolverine from the cables and when the villains finally reach the room where Wolverine was kept, there is no one in sight. Wolverine moves through the shadows killing villains all over the place, taking them out one by one.


Meanwhile Nick Fury is getting the crap kicked out of him by Northstar and Elektra. The baddies bring down the Heli-Carrier and take out most of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Gorgon watches the mayhem and enjoys it. Wolverine is back on the right side of the line and now has a personal vendetta against the people that brainwashed him. And let’s be honest, no one wants a personal vendetta against Wolverine.

From here he goes after The Dawn of the White Light, The Hand, and Hydra. This is where it gets fun. The next few books are straight action and the surprises are priceless. There is one part in the third one where you will just smile ear to ear. I did.

By the end you get what you want and it ends like most Wolverine stories. Not happy. But nor do many and that is fulfilling in its own right. Again the art was great by Romita and the writing was priceless by Mark Millar. Everything worked again and for a part two, it really worked. As you can tell I just really enjoyed it.

Let me know what your thoughts are as I really want to hear them. I tried not to give too much away this time so let me know if that works for you guys.

Posted on: March 31st, 2009 The Back Issue: Wolverine Enemy of the State

wolverine-enemy-of-the-state-coverOk, let’s just start with saying Wolverine is my favorite X-Men. Since I was a little kid he was always the one that interested me most. He was a loner, a killer, and had no history (until recently) and this just made him a badass. He said whatever he wanted whenever he wanted and for a kid, he was to cool. So now that I got this off my chest, I have to say I love Enemy of the State.

This is the first part of a two event series. The one after this is Agent of Shield which I will probably review at a later point. Enemy of the state is a six part event going from Wolverine (Volume 2) 20-25. This is the story of Wolverine getting captured by the Gorgon and the Hand. From here he is brainwashed to work for the Hand, Hydra, and the Gorgon. This team of bad guys has brainwashed the killing machine whose name everyone already fears. And he was a good guy.

From here we follow Wolverine go up against the Elektra, which is always cool, The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and finally the X-Men. Elektra plays a big part in helping shield get Wolverine back as she was also brainwashed by Hydra, and her and Nick Fury team up to stop him. Together they always seem to be one step behind Wolverine, never quite predicting his next move.


The best part of this whole series is seeing what’s going on in Wolverine’s head. I always find it most interesting hearing his thoughts, as they are usually not what you would expect from a trained killer. Wolverine is a much better person then he lets people know, which I always found interesting that because of his past and what he has done, he always beats himself up. So through this event we get to see Hydra in his head in green boxes and his own thoughts in yellow. Listening to him bicker with himself was very cool, the fact he always wanted to do good, but the brainwashing continued to push him in a direction we know he didn’t want to go. The best part was when he falls onto the sword while fighting Daredevil and he loses the connection with Hydra for a few seconds. He tells Matt Murdock that he is sorry and what the next plans are. He actually tears up, and if you can get into comics like I can, you actually feel bad for him.

When you have Mark Millar as the writer you know it’s going to be worth the read, and really he does wonders here. With all this action, and everyone loves action, it makes for one hell of a ride. When the story ends, and it leaves you with a great cliffhanger, you are ready to jump into the next part of the story. Please check this out and let me know what you think. If you are a Wolverine fan, like myself, then you owe it to yourself to go pick up the TPB. Let me know your thoughts and what not, I would love to hear from you.

Posted on: March 19th, 2009 The Back Issue: Deadly Genesis

Spoiler Alert!!!

Back in 2005, after the House of M event, came a six part series called Deadly Genesis. When I got back into reading comics it was during the Civil War event and I had some catching up to do. I read Avengers: Disassembled and House of M and continued from there. I skipped over some of the X-Men series up until the Messiah Complex and got really into it from there. About a week ago I came across Deadly Genesis and damn am I happy I did.


Deadly Genesis takes place right after House of M where Charles Xavier is missing. Emma Frost is trying to find him when she discovers a huge mutant power. She’s with Kitty Pried when this happens and wines up being surged and has a meltdown or something and is taken out. We find out what it was later. Cyclops and Marvel girl go to the place of this power hoping to find Charles, but they wind up finding something much more.

Cyclops and Marvel girl are attacked by an extremely powerful mutant who claims to know who Cyclops is. Cyclops though has no recognition of this person what so ever, but slowly feels like he knows something about him. Through the story we find out that this mystery mutant is Vulcan and is Cyclops third brother. We find this out at the end when Charles comes back, but surprisingly with no powers. We find out the truth of how Charles wiped the mind of Cyclops about the last time he and his brother had met, and this really disturbs Cyclops.

The final battle between all of the X-Men and Vulcan is an epic one. Vulcan throws everything he has at them, but the X-Men as a team are a force to be reckoned with in this story. It’s great to see all of them work together instead of as individuals as we’ve seen so much in the past. They are a team and when brought together in a great story like this it really works. Ed Brubaker as the writer really brings this together nicely with the original story from 1975 in the comic that saved the X-Men series, Giant Size X-Men #1.

In the end Vulcan leaves Earth again and leaves the X-Men alone. Vulcan killed Banshee and left the rest to deal with the mistrust of Charles. Cyclops makes a bold move at the end of the story by expelling Charles from the mansion, telling him that after lying he would have to leave and that he had no reason to even be there as he had no powers anymore. Charles was shocked and this left me wanting more. Again, the next series was The Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire, and I have yet to read it, but it is on my list to read.

With the coming Messiah War, I’m excited about the X-Men series and with Cable and X-Force coming together, it should be something interesting. Let me know if you read Deadly Genesis and what you thought. Also comment on what you think about the upcoming Messiah War. I want to hear.

Also for everyone who is interested, you can follow me on Twitter, just look me up, I’m BrettDFCM. Besides my daily activities, you can follow what I’m reading at that time, what movie I’m checking out, or what game I’m playing. So check me out and give me your thoughts.