Posted on: June 17th, 2008 About GKS

On the surface, Giant Killer Squid is a place for the every-nerd to air out his or her laughing-gear on a regular basis. The tentacles of this “blog-ject” reach far beyond simple reviews and rants – GKS is built on passion, culture and the pursuit of creative endeavors. GKS is for the self-depricating, the child-at-heart, the not-so-serious and the shades-of-greys.  Let’s meet Team Squid:

Ryan Ferrier

Hello my little oysters! I’m the founder and chief editor of Giant Killer Squid. I currently live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and am am the writer and co-creator of the comic book series TERMINALS from Penny Farthing Press – read it here! Drop me a line here  if you like. Follow Ryan on Twitter @zombie_elvis.

Auburn Slavec

auburn-picHi Guys. I’m the token fangirl of the bunch! I’m really into flicks prior to 1970, especially B-horror movies. I read my fair share of comic books-my favorites being among the Lantern Corps; but to be truthful, I’m pretty crazy about Wonder Woman too (a girl’s got to have a hero.) My home is just outside Boulder, Colorado where I am a men’s hairstylist. I talk sports most of the day so it’s always nice to hear from people that are into video games and comics. It doesn’t hurt if they can hold their own in movie knowledge and random facts either. If you happen to be one of those people (which I’m pretty sure you are), don’t be a stranger because I’m pretty awesome. Follow Auburn on twitter @mistressofddork.

Byron McIsaac

hornsHail lords and ladies! I’m Byron (Mr. McIsaac if you’re nasty) and I’ve been brought on to GKS to write truly epic editorial and opinion pieces. I’m a novelist, voice actor, improvisor, gamer, Paladin by alignment (but rogue by lifestyle), bon vivant and all around renaissance man (though I don’t paint..yet). I am looking forward to having stimulating convos with all of you, so let’s get this party started. Also, for those that want just quick, timbit-sized amounts of my thought processes you can follow me on Twitter at @VA_Amon

Need to reach one of us? Send a message below and let us know who its for. Then cross your fingers.



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