Posted on: August 15th, 2012 REVIEW: Saga #6

Saga Chapter 6When I first heard about Saga, I wanted to write about it. I didn’t. When the cover art of the first issue was released capturing one of the main characters breastfeeding (causing a handful of people’s heads to explode), I wanted to write something. I did not. When the double-sized first issue came out, I wanted to write about it. I didn’t. Issue after issue went by and I knew I wanted to throw my two cents into the ether. I didn’t. Well here it is! Chapter Six of Saga. Boom.

I am in contact with two very different niches when it comes to the comics community. There’s the group that reads creators’ work. Often times they create comics themselves. They know all about the upcoming books, how they work into current continuity, how the creative teams will change in a few months, etc. Then I talk with the folks that read for characters. They will buy every off-shoot of Batman, because they love Batman. Or they will follow just a handful of books because they grew up with the characters. And like that of a religion, they will pull their books every week and seldom stray from their forged path.

I like both groups of people. They both love comics. They both spend their money in hopes that they will be rewarded with a tale they actually care about. However, their opinions are rarely in compliance. I can tell you, quite honestly, that I have talked to people that genuinely do not like Saga. I am not that person. Read the rest of this entry »