Posted on: July 25th, 2012 REVIEW: X-Treme X-Men #1

X-Treme-X-MenI’m not big on the space-time continuum. I’ve discussed my reasons before. Because of that, I’m not a fan of multiverses, but it’s just a thing in comics so I carry on. I don’t care for things that label themselves as “Extreme”. It’s just a hang-up of mine that has no real reason.

I picked up X-Treme X-Men #1 today. And it is a story labeling itself extreme with the cute play on words, telling of a problem in the space-time continuum in which the multiverse is falling apart. So I hated it, right? Ah…I didn’t tell you the most important parts. It’s written by Greg Pak. And Dazzler plays a big part. So…no. No, I didn’t hate it.

Fun! That’s all this book is. Once I let go of all my grumbling of the all the other-world stuff, I truly enjoyed what I read. I didn’t read X-Treme X-Men back in ’01. I’m not exactly hunting down the trades either. Why? Because Dazzler isn’t involved. That’s why.

She’s ridiculous, right? But so is an animal-like Canadian with metal claws coming out of his hands. Or, you know, a telepathic woman that can turn into diamond. But a pop star mutant! Using sound in the conversion of energy! She’s often just used as a joke. And Greg Pak knows that. So he’s making her cool again…like pantsuits!

Captain James Howlett, Emmeline Frost-Summers, and Kurt Waggoner are else-world renditions of Wolverine, Emma Frost and Nightcrawler using a bunch of severed Charles Xavier heads to teleport an entire doomed civilization to an uninhabited Earth dimension and (believe it or not) something goes wrong! And Earth 616’s Dazzler is thrown in the mix! And now we got to kill a bunch of evil Charles Xaviers. Extreeeeeeme!

It sounds fun, right? Right. I laughed. I like Pak doing witty banter. He understands comedic timing. And even though all signs point to the fact I should hate this story line, I don’t. Because when you break it down, it’s three characters that don’t really have an effect on current continuity of Earth 616 and a B-list mutant (on her best day) fighting different interpretations of classic characters in absurd situations.

Dazzler Inking IssueStephen Segovia’s doing the art. And I’ve seen Segovia’s work. He’s all right. But I am seriously struggling with Dennis Crisostomo’s inks. It’s really throwing off the artwork. The shadowing is so strange. One panel looked like “Dazzler” had chest hair. Another made Dazzler look like she had a beard. Boob sizes vary in the book for that vary reason. And you say, “What does that matter?” It’s anatomy! It shouldn’t be shape shifting panel-to-panel. That’s my biggest complaint on the book. Inking.

Are you going to be left behind in Marvel’s revamp of the universe if you don’t pick this book up? No. But I liked the first issue. If you like fun and (synonymously) Dazzler, you’d better jump on reading this book.

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