Posted on: July 11th, 2012 REVIEW: Revival #1

Revival1First I sat with my mouth open. Blinking. I had goosebumps. I got cold. I was wickedly uncomfortable. I was freaked the hell out. Revival by Tim Seeley. Art by Mike Norton.

This book is creepy. Like super creepy. Like I never want to go to Wisconsin creepy. So good.

Revival is the story of a small town in rural Wisconsin and a group of dead folks didn’t stay dead. They aren’t zombies, they just brushed themselves off and carried on. Now the local police (and the nation) is trying to deal with all the craziness surrounding this incident. We follow Dana specifically. Police officer in a district where her father happens to be sheriff. Issue one is our introduction to key characters and a feel for the hysteria. It also exposes us to one of the revived. And…um…wow.

Tim Seeley knows his way around horror. I know that. You know that. But this is mature horror. Like put on your big boy pants and watch some scary things. The pacing starts slow and tranquil. Really setting the scene as to the quiet nature of a town that has since been slapped upside the head with excitement. But the payoff is worth it.

And now…a Mike Norton moment:

“I’m Mike Norton and I got to draw a zorse!”

Holy Cow! Mike Norton! Killing it on art. Stunning work on the supernatural. I’ve always known he can draw people well. I mean, seriously varied expressions. But did I know he could draw the out-of-the-ordinary subjects? No. Not unless you count Captain Marvel. And I don’t.

Listen to me. This is not your average comic. This is prime story telling with beautiful art. Read Revival. This first issue is better than most of the horror movies you pay well over $10 to see.

*Side Note: Ryan and I are out and about at SDCC this weekend. Say hello! Have fun. Be safe.

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