Posted on: May 28th, 2012 Giant Killer Comix #3 ( GIANT KILLER CONVENTIONS SUPER LATE EDITION)

WHEW been a while. Sorry . My bad. Ok internet? Are we friends again? Cool.

From February onwards has just been a whirlwind of craziness.

In march I headed to Seattle for the Emerald City comic convention.  It was a pretty cool convention.  Interesting to see how it is different and similar to my local con , which is the second largest con in Canada.

I met a ton of cool people at the con , had a chance to catch up with a few people I’ve talked with online and  met at cons before.

I had a chance to talk to Brandon Graham for a bit at his booth.  He constantly had a line, but wasn’t afraid to spend time talking to fans about king city or  prophet, or anything really.

He mentioned to me that image and him are going to be putting out (hopefully) a book each year of new material/ out of print work.   So don’t spend a fortune on ebay.  Seriously, don’t people. Brandon doesn’t want you to.

Random cool internet piccc of Brandon Graham holding a toilet

Random cool internet pic of BG with a toilet lid he drew comix stuff on

He also mentioned some stuff about prophet which I hope is cool for me to talk about. Simon is going to be coming back to the book, and with Simon the character from the first three issues.  We are going to get to see, from my understanding what has happened to him since the events of the third issue, in real time.

It was weird for me because as a creator I have so much respect and am really into everything that Brandon is trying to do right now. I think he’s taking comics in some interesting directions , and really interested in pushing the medium.  When I met him , I seemed to insta devolve into a drooling fanboy though.

Professionalism: Were working on it over here.

The con was crazy bumping , but super well organized. At least compared to the Calgary Expo.

I finally got to meet Greg Rucka , who is genuinely one of the nicest dudes ive encountered.  I decided to check out Stumptown and Punisher , which I picked up off him.

Both these books are soo good it hurts.

Stumptown is a genuinely the noir infused PI book to end all noir infused PI books. Just some really brilliant storytelling from Rucka and Southworth on this one.  The pacing, the narrative, the characters are all so well written that It’s impossible not to fall in love with this world they build here.

Punisher was also a huge surprise.  I have no admitted affection for the character, outside of a few brilliant stories here and there, but hot damn this quickly became one of my favorite books.  The HC which collects issues 1-5 was not enough for me, and almost immediately after I had finished the HC I ran out and caught up on all the back issues.

The reason this book works so well is because it acknowledges what a force of nature, of terror , a character like frank castle would have on the world around him. It’s a meditation on the effect of vigilantism, of extreme violence on the cops and people who get sucked into its tiddle waves.

It simply put is rather brilliant .

I also Really have been enjoying Manhattan Projects.  The first issue really just didn’t do much for me when I first read it , to be honest. But upon re-read , and reading the second issue, I am really starting to love this book.  Its really exciting that Hickman and Pitarra have this sort of huge canvas to play with . Im super stoked to see how awesome and crazy this book gets.

I just read issue three of this bad boy ( this is a testament to how late this column is ) and that also blew my mind in a crazy way. It’s like Jon and Nick are taking all these crazy conspiracy theories and just blowing them up to the extreme  in such an aweesome and fun comic way. Cyborg FDR, Infinite Oppenheimers, hot damn this book is a nuclear bomb of comic book magic .

I got to meet Nolan T Jones at the con which was rather cool. Nolan is at work on a book right meow with Andrew Maclean which looks about 300,000 types of cool.   I read the ashcan that they were selling at the con and it really is a truly unique, fun  sci fi story. It’s called Colonial Souls , check out the website for more info :

A bunch of other cool I had a chance to meet/run into who I gotta give a shoutout too: Zack Soto,  Dalton Rose, Joe Keatinge, Ed Brission, Jason Copland, Matt Southworth, Kurtis Wiebe .

I also just read the first issue of 42000 pre orders and counting. Or XO MANOWAR.  It was pretty cool. Cary Nord draws beautifully in this one, and Robert Vendetti seems like hes headed towards some cool places. Not mind blowing, but pretty darn good.

I really feel like this one has devolved into me giving shout outs to my Homies in a sort of crazy Jason Derullo sort of way , so if your angry at me its cool. But chill. We’re good. Read Comix. Fun. Fun.Fun. Rebbeca black.

This is just part ½ of this guy. Come back next week(hopefully)  and check out what I have to say about my time BEHIND the booth at the Calgary Expo.

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