Posted on: April 25th, 2012 REVIEW: AvX: VS #1

AvX VS 1For reasons unbeknownst to me, I have not been able to get excited about Avengers Vs. X-Men. I mean, I dig The Phoenix. I like fighting. You’d think I’d be sold, right? But I’m not. At all. But I still read Avengers vs. X-men: VS #1 this week. Because I want Jason Aaron and Kathryn Immonen to get money. And I trust them. In all things.

At the end of the day? I still don’t care. And yet, all that aside, I liked this book. It made me laugh. Curve ball: I didn’t laugh at Jason Aaron’s story as much as I did Kathryn Immonen’s. Let me elaborate.

Fight #1-This is what they want me to think: Iron Man up against Magneto! Holy Cow! A guy that needs metal to survive is going to fight a guy that can manipulate metal! How’s Tony going to get out of this one?!

This is what I actually thought: Smart Guy vs. Old Guy. This is inevitably going to be a very long-winded fight. Are we going to beat each other with monologues?

And…I was right. Yeah, magnetism was a big part of it. And, truth be told, it was pretty creative how we did use it. But what happened? Who was the winner?! By my count? NOBODY. They both walked away with a few cuts and bruises. Ugh.

Fight #2-This is what they want me to think: The Thing up versus Namor! So much power! So much history! Will Sue step in?!

This is what I actually thought: What? This has to be water-related, right? Can Ben swim? He’s kind of heavy. This can’t actually be a thing.

And…I was wrong! Well, I was right in the fact that it took place in water, but turns out-Ben does fine in water. And it was quippy. So, quippy. And I am a lady that loves her quips. And Sue didn’t make an appearance to break it up. So I consider that a happy surprise.

There’s no story in this issue. It does not claim to have a story. This *entire* event sells itself as a glorified Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot match. We just watched a couple of blocks being knocked off. On the very first page it reads, “IT’S VERSUS #1! The FIGHTINGEST BOOK you’ve EVER READ, where we take fights from AVENGERS VS X-MEN and expand them into ALL-OUT SMASH-UPS!”

So there you are. You want a story? Read Avengers vs. X-Men. You want to watch punching under water? Entire building structures being hurled at people? Pick it up. Adam Kubert on art for the Iron-Man/Magneto portion, Stuart Immonen and Wade von Grawbadger on The Thing/Namor portion. They aren’t skimping on the talent. Plus, the AvX Fun Facts are, indeed, fun. I was pleasantly surprised. Still don’t care about the event. Wish I did.

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