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Holy shit . What a crazy couple of weeks it has been .  First off , I finished reading King City and was blown away. So much heart in this book. So much invention . It’s simply put, an amazing comic.

One of the few remaining Gods to walk the earth passed away this weekend. Jean Girard or Moebius as he was known to many of his followers.  I can’t honestly do justice to the man’s legacy with my words so rather lets take a look at the magic that is , was , and eternally shall be MOEBIUS.

I pulled the Tron images off of one of the radest tumblr’s on the net , Ian MacEwan’s

Check that site out for all of your moebius needs.

Also  I want to talk about one of my favorite dudes working in comics at the moment: Sam Humphries. Sam is writing some of the coolest shit out there right now, and the really cool thing is that he’s doing it mostly independent of publishers. Heres an epic picture of Sam’s afro.

Sam self-published his first book OUR LOVE IS REAL last year, and it was like 300 different kinds of awesome .   It was sort of polarizing when it hit the scene, and I’m not sure if everyone really will “get” the appeal of this book , but I love the fuck out of it.  Steven Sanders art in this bad boy is also awesome. If you can get your hands on it I definitely would recommend it.

Sam’s self published follow up to this one shot, is the 6 Issue Mini-Series SACRIFICE.  SACRIFICE is honestly one of my favorite comics coming out at the moment . This book telling the story of HECTOR and epileptic Ian Curtis /Joy Division/New Order fan who  following an episode, finds himself thrust back into the ancient Aztec empire  is all sorts of brilliant. Dalton Rose is channeling some European shit here that reminds me of Mignola and Moebius. Check it.

You can order this bad boy on TFAW if you want , or check here and see if one of your LCS’ has it.

Moving on , I really fucking dig Study Group.  It’s an artist collective of some of the best cartoonists today working together to crank out FREE stories to read online , as well as developing an ongoing anthology style zine. Here’s a page from Simon Roy’s “Shipwrecked with Dan The Gorilla ”  

Heres another page off of the site, this time from Zack Soto’s the Secret Voice. I really like how Zack is experimenting with landscape, scenery and pacing using the online format to expand beats.  Just some really great cartooning.

Read more at:

You know what else ruled? Brian Churella’s THE SECRET HISTORY OF DB COOPER. Seriously the way he paced and structured this first issue was totally unexpected and inspiring. Issue One is out now, and Issue two is out in a couple of weeks.  I want to get into why I find this book so awesome but it would spoil it. Let’s just say Brian really makes interesting choices in the order and manner in which the story is told.

Saga came out and it was awesome.  Such a powerful comic. This thing is going to melt faces every month.  There was a signing at Another Dimension for the book, and the awesomely talented Fiona Staples was there being epic and signing books.

105Comix are funnnnn

I want to talk about one of my favorite undiscovered artists at the moment, a real honest to goodness Canadian treasure: James Edward Clark.  James is hard at work on his sequential debut, and as you can see here in this preview it’s going to be epic stuff.

And heres a cover from something I have coming out that he did:

His style reminds me a lot of Paul Pope in the sense that he’s not afraid of ink, and I really think he uses it in an awesome way. Also , he really really fucking loves Greg Capullo’s work .  Check out more of his awesome stuff here:

Holy Shit I’m going to be in Seattle next week for ECCC. It’s my first time on US soil in a few years and I’m really excited. Aside from all the comics related goodness , I am getting to see my 80 year old grandfather so I am super pumped. He’s the smartest person I know. He taught me marians trench was the deepest place on earth when I was six years old . Awesome.

Comics wise excited to meet some real influences of mine and cool people like Matt Fraction, Joe Keatinge , Brandon Graham, Brian Wood, Ramon Perez . Sweet Jesus the list just goes on.

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“I Might” off Wilco”s most recent album, “The Whole Love” . I really enjoyed this record. Please do check it out. Jeff Tweedy is a modern treasure.


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