Posted on: January 18th, 2012 REVIEW: Legion of Monsters #4 of 4

LOM4Hey, you! You looking all sad and morose in the corner! Do you want to have fun? Do you say to yourself, “Man, my life would be infinitely better if there were more monsters in it.” Do you? Are your reading habits confined to the big name superheroes? Have you felt the desire to branch out into the fringe characters that offer a change of pace? Well, do I have the comic for you!

Marvel’s Legion of Monsters by Dennis Hopeless with art by Juan Doe. Before I continue, can we take a moment to admire THESE names? I mean, they aren’t nearly as fun to say as Tradd Moore but hell, they’re poetic. Okay-serious business now:

This little ditty is a four part mini-series about the underground world of the Marvel monsters. You know, like Morbius and all his cronies? Something is making the citizens of this monster world more…monster…y. They’re going b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Why? We don’t know. How are we going to stop them? We don’t know. But we do know it’s going to involve the ass-kicking monster-hunter Elsa Bloodstone.

LOM1I have never really cosplayed. There isn’t really a character I would like to dress up as primarily for comfort purposes. With God as my witness, I will cosplay Elsa Bloodstone one day. And it will be great. She was my favorite part of Nextwave. Do you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Do you wish she were more British? And a red-head? And carried guns? Yeah. Me too.

This book deals with some serious stuff. There’s a lot of supernatural elements and heartbreak and virus outbreaks and impending death. But then we sort of get a wink and a smile from Hopeless that reminds us, “Hey, we’re writing about vampires, mummies, werewolves and fish-creatures. Cool, huh?” And it is, Dennis. It is. Also, a heads-up: he’ll be working on the X-Men side of Marvel’s Season One promotion. So keep an eye out for his work.

Manphibian LOMJuan Doe. I can’t get enough of this guy’s art. If he only drew Manphibian for the rest of his life, I would continue to give him money. He was born to draw monsters. His lines are hard, angular and retro-styled that just makes me want to see his interpretation of any character really. And his Elsa Bloodstone is badass. But I may be a bit biased, huh?

Four issues. Hunt them down in single issue or wait for the trade. Solicitations have the collection coming out sometime in March. So…jump on it. And look for me at conventions and on the street. I’ll be the one wearing a red wig with a lot of guns. I’ll probably be surrounded by cops. Come say hi!

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  1. Dave Says:
    January 24th, 2012 at 9:38 am

    At first just bought the title for Elsa (Nextwave fan here)
    But… what a great comic! Exciting all over!

    And for the matter, I wish Elsa were more Lara Croft-esque…
    More guns? F*ck Yeah!

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