Posted on: December 16th, 2011 Critiques from the Asylum: Entitlement, Schmentitlement


Hola Lords and Ladies! Byron’s back from the underground with a new editorial for your eye-tubes. Let me preface by saying I love being a nerd, I love nerddom and nearly all facets of this wonderful culture we live in……..(smiley face falls away in 3..2………1)

THAT BEING SAID, there’s a growing problem I’ve been seeing not only on forums, but at a lot of the conventions I’ve been to over the past couple of years. This problem has been festering in the darker corners of fandom and its spreading like a cancer throughout fandom as a whole and that is this growing sense of nerd entitlement that is acting like a festering wound that needs to be treated and healed.

This idea that because you got the exclusive nerdy McGuffin before anyone else, or that your pass to a convention gets you anything or even that you managed to get all of the achievements/trophies for that shiny new vidya game makes you better than anyone else is wrong. Wrong-diddly-ong! The idea that you were first in line for a convention/movie/vidya game release and that makes you special is also wrong! I’m going to lay down a bit of ranty truth here so bear with me for the all-caps sections coming up.


This includes the following: advancements in science, literature, mathematics, exploration. Completing your magnum opus in music, overcoming a debilitating disease, conquering your fears, completing your doctorate, getting your written works published for the world to read, serving one’s country in whatever capacity you can, taking that leap into entrepreneurial ship, training for years in athletic competitions to participate in some of the largest sporting events; this list can go on and on but you know what won’t appear on such lists? HOW MANY ACHEIVEMENTS YOU UNLOCKED ON THE SKYRIMS OR THE HALOS OF THE WORLD!

Now that I have the rage out of my system we can now focus on how to heal this problem. The first is having a healthy perspective; which means that while we can be happy that we’ve ‘caught ‘em all’ we really should not be holding that in as high a regard as, oh say, anything in the previous paragraph.

The second would be acceptance, whereby we accept that while we shelled out for the early bird, jump the line, preview screening, VIP pass for the convention it does not mean that we can be arrogant douche-nozzles about it. In fact most passes to anything, VIP or no, clearly state what you are and are not able to do with said pass; violating said rules will more than likely result in banishment from the event with no refund. Not to mention the gross lack of respect you’d receive from your fellow attendee.

Going back to the perspective thought for a moment, have a heart for those that weren’t able to get the special golden ticket and have to languish in those long-form torture devices that I ranted about in a previous editorial. Finally I would think that being mindful of the big picture (i.e. in the grand scheme of things how important is it that I got in first or I was able to get that exclusive really hold up?) while not letting it get you down in the dumps as a result is a way to temper that underlying nerdy arrogance that we have.

To summarize while it’s nice to get that front-of-the-line access we really as a group should temper our thoughts on that with perspective, acceptance and a glimpse of the big picture. Hey, we’re nerds, we do spend a lot of time thinking (and talking) on a variety of different subjects, being mindful of how we work within our culture will only serve to make it better.

That’s all for this month, lords and ladies! I will be working towards getting more out on GKS for the new year so look forward to that!

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  1. Marie Says:
    December 16th, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    A well written rant good sir! Perspective is, indeed, everything.

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