Posted on: June 15th, 2010 A BLUE BEETLE Live-Action Show?

DC’s comic book writer extraordinaire Geoff Johns took to twitter to announce that DC Entertainment is toying with the idea of a live-action Blue Beetle television series. One can assume that this would be DCE’s way of keeping DC on the television once Smallville ends its tenth season.

Johns then posted some more details over at the DCU Blog, and even put up some stills from test footage that has been shot – the full video clip will debut at this years San Diego Comic-Con. Johns was very particular to point out that the series has not yet been greenlit, and this is all merely test footage. Nevertheless, take a look at the stills for yourself.








The series would be based on the third Blue Beetle, Jamie Reyes, who acquires the powers and suit of Blue Beetle when a magical scarab fuses with his body.

While it is cool to see another DC character live and in the flesh, the Blue Beetle does look like a harder pill to swallow, given Smallville‘s more drama-based approached. The test stills above kind of remind me of Bandai shows like Power Rangers and Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad. But hell, I trust DC and I trust Geoff Johns, and I’d love nothing more than a great superhero tv show.

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