Posted on: May 4th, 2010 Clash of the Titans En Route to Consoles

Filing under the ‘too late for the hype machine’ file, publisher Namco Bandai announced it will be releasing the Clash Of The Titans videogame for both PS3 and Xbox360 consoles on July 27.

Little is known of the game right now, there has been hardly any press surrounding the release. We do know that Gamestop pre-orders will be entitled to two downloadable content packs with new weapons and missions.

The first download is a quest called Bird in Hand, which includes a boss battle with a giant-winged Cockatrice at the Mount of Idols. Those who defeat the Cockatrice will gain the Wing of Icarus, a sub weapon that unleashes unforgiving tornado attacks. The second download, called Songs of Enchantment, will require players to battle through an army of skeletons and confront the mysterious Succubus and beautiful Siren before being awarded the Orpheus, another weapon that summons powerful thunder attacks.

I may be pre-emptive here, but I smell an EPIC FAIL!

Check out some screenshots from the game below:





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