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Decades of legendary silver-screen monsters make compiling this list an arduous, difficult task, but no challenge is too big for GKS. We present to you, TEN of TERROR’s Top 10 Movie Monsters.

The criteria is as follows:

The monster must not be explicitly human/humanoid or animal (ie, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Meyers or shark from Jaws). The monster must be organic (machines, androids, etc. don’t count).

The list is based on scariness, lethality, and general malevolence, and is in ranked order (#1 being the most of these attributes).

#10. Gill-Man from Creature from the Black Lagoon

The creature, known affectionately as the “Gill-Man”, is a classic movie monster for a reason. It’s got that iconic look and a lethal set of claws mixed with a prehistoric temper. Though it’s body-count is relatively low for a movie monster, and the beast was taken down with mere bullets, the legend and legacy of the creature from the Black Lagoon earns it a spot on this list.

#9. The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers

Say what you will about Jeepers Creepers (decent horror film, horrible title), the “Creeper” does just that, creeps the hell outta me. It isn’t enough that the Creeper will try to run you off the road with his truck of death, he’ll also capture you, kill you, eat your body parts and sew your ass to a cave wall. And he does all that before he reveals his true, winged form.

#8. Xenomorphs from the Alien series

One of the most destructive forms in the history of the galaxy, the xenomorphs are natural survivors and even better killers. The species operates in mass numbers, using humans as hosts to new soldiers, with razor sharp claws, a retractable second-mouth and a prehensile tail like a lance.

#7. The Predator from the Predator series

The xenomorphs natural predator… and everything else’s. This grotesque monster is not only physically lethal and superior to humans, it also harnesses technology beyond our comprehension. Hunting, humans and aliens alike, is a way of life for these horrific beings. They’re also living proof that Danny Glover is, in fact, a total bad-ass.

#6. Graboids from the Tremors series

The Tremors movies may not have been great (though the first film will always have a spot in my heart), but the underground-dwelling monsters that terrorize them are scary as hell. Similar to the cryptozoological wonder known as the “Mongolian death worm”, the graboids are the supreme conqueror of the world’s biggest natural resource – dirt. And unfortunately for you, your ass is standing on it. Think of the graboid as the mobile Sarlaac pit from Return of the Jedi.

#5. Gwoemul from The Host

South Korea’s giant sewer monster is a prime example of why you should never toss bottles of formaldehyde down the drain – if you do, you will inadvertently create a giant, unstoppable mutant amphibian creature that will destroy every living thing in it’s path.

#4. The Thing from John Carpenter’s The Thing

The thing has no true face, no true form and no true motive. It spreads from body to body like wild-fire, assimilating everything in it’s path from human to animal. When it does show it’s form, the one it chooses to be seen as, it resembles a physical abomination of tentacles, teeth, body parts and terror. The thing is the killer that will tear you apart from the inside before you even knew you were infected.

#3. The Blob from The Blob

What does space have against us? Are humans just the pussiest beings in the galaxy? Even an amorphous amoeba like The Blob, the most unassuming movie monster of all time, is one of the most deadliest. It’s literally just a huge blob of goo that slowly engulfs an entire town, growing exponentially in size as it does so. Granted, the creature can be defeated rather easily on paper, by being frozen, the blob could very well be the end of us all should life ever imitate art.

#2. Cloverfield Monster from Cloverfield

The creature of unknown origin dubbed the “Cloverfield monster”, stands over 30 stories tall and weighs over 6,400 tons. And it’s only a baby. The amount of damage, destruction and death that this monstrous creature wreaked upon New York is almost unfathomable. Not only was the city itself laid to waste by the behemoth, but thousands of people felt the wrath of the confused beast. To make matters worse, the monster is covered with thousands of little parasite-like spiders that drop from the creature; the “spiders” themselves are terrifying enough, but suffer a bite from one of these things and you bleed from every orifice on your body until you eventually swell up and burst. The Cloverfield monster proved without a doubt that it is entirely and completely frightening.

#1. Godzilla from the Godzilla series

Is there any other movie monster more iconic than Japan’s Gojira? The legendary prehistoric sea-creature has both terrorized and defended Japan’s shores for decades, wreaking a record amount of havoc to both environment and population. Aside from being 300 feet tall with stegosaurus-like armour plating, Godzilla heals very quickly as well as being incredibly resilient to injury. If that isn’t enough to have you shake in your boots, the colossal beast has thermonuclear heat-breath. Godzilla has fought, and defeated, some of the most terrifying monsters and aliens ever seen, and it’s iconography and impact on pop-culture is universally recognized making it the #1 movie monster of all time.

What say you, what are some of your favorite movie monsters?

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  1. Jen Says:
    April 1st, 2012 at 7:59 am

    Awesome list of creepy monsters! But I just think that Predator and The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers should be closer to #1 than it is and that Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees should be on the list. Just sayinn(: not tryin to be rude or anythhingg

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