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Nothing keeps me up at night more than the thought that my house could be haunted. Your home is supposed to be a place of ultimate safety, of sanctuary – ghosts, spirits, poltergeist or a haunting is truly one of the most terrifying ordeals one must have to go through when dealing with the paranormal. With that, I’ve compiled a list of the then most hauntiest haunted houses in movies.

#10: Russell’s Mansion – The Changeling

So George C. Scott’s character’s wife and daughter kick the bucket, so what does he do? He moves into a huge Victorian mansion bachelor pad. He’s not alone though, and the ghost of a young child begins freaking his day up, shattering windows, slamming doors, and generally being a creepy kid ghost.


#9: Danvers State Mental Hospital – Session 9

Asbestos isn’t the only thing in the walls of this abandoned mental hospital, in this case it’s a demonic spirit that will make you do things you wish you hadn’t. Like The Hangover but way less funny.


#8: The Rueda House – The Orphanage (El Orfanato)

Again with the creepy kid ghosts. The house in The Orphanage isn’t really dangerous per se, the ghosts here are more like annoying little gnats. But they look creepy as all hell. Especially the kid with the burlap-sac-button-eye mask. That alone, ghost or no ghost, would have me packing my bags.

#7: Nebbercracker’s House – Monster House

Here’s a really interesting take on the whole haunted house genre – the house in this case is a creature itself. It has window eyes, door teeth and a rug tongue. Granted it exists in computer generated graphics, the thought of a giant house eating the neighbourhood kids is
quite terrifying. Really great animated film too, watch it right away if you haven’t yet.

#6. Dana Barrett’s apartment – Ghostbusters

It’s 1984. You’re Sigourney Weaver. You’ve just unpacked your groceries and the eggs you bought pop out onto the counter and fry on their own. Then you open the fridge and instead of last nights stroganoff, you see a horned beast glaring back at you. Then, after a hot, sweaty workout, you sit down on your favorite lazy-boy when all of a sudden that creature from your fridge comes out of your chair and possesses you. Next thing you know, your apartment is a portal for the undead to enter our realm. 900 sq. ft. Only $750/m. Amenities inc. Gym, laundromat and rotting corpses.

#5. The Lutz House – The Amityville Horror

This could be the most famous haunted house, and rightfully so – I wouldn’t spend one night in this hell hole. Swarms of flies, floating eyes, bleeding walls and ominous voices are just some of the horrors you would endure before ultimately trying to kill your whole family. Or if you’re talking Amityville Horror 2, the worst you will do is sleep with your sister. Either way, GET OUT.

#4. Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute – The House on Haunted Hill (1999)

The remake of the Vincent Price classic took the haunted house concept to a new and interesting level. The property in this case is a huge and daunting former-mental asylum. Though the doctor in charge, before the place burned everyone alive, may have needed work on his bedside manner and is in fact still practicing… on haunting your face off.

#3. The Freeling’s House – Poltergeist

I’ve covered the severity of this house in TEN of TERROR #1, but it bares repeating. You’re not safe anywhere in this house. Wanna make a steak? Nope. Maggots got to it. Wanna wash your face? Nope. You just peeled your face off. Clowns. Corpses. Demon trees. Need I say more?

#2. The house in Nerima – Ju-On (The Grudge)

The house from Ju-On, or its American version The Grudge, is so terrifying in that it will kill you even after you’ve left. The second you step foot in there, boom. You’re done. Next thing you know you’ll be curling up on the couch with a bag of chips. You open the bag, reach in, and bam. Asian kid ghost came out of the bag and scared you to death.

#1. The Overlook Hotel – The Shining

The Overlook. Beautiful. Luxurious. Isolated. Jack Torrance and his family found this out over several long, chilling months alone in this sprawling mountain hotel. It also happens to be built on an ancient Indian burial ground and has a long history of murder and madness. This place has it all: elevators filled with blood, creepy twin girl ghosts, bears blowing dudes, fat grandma bathtub ghosts, axes in the chest, all work and no play.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look back at the scariest haunted houses in film. Keep checking GKS for more TEN of TERROR content.

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  1. Tommo Says:
    October 19th, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    Great list of haunted houses. You hit on all the classics (with the possible exception of the Bates mansion in Psycho). I would contend that the House on Haunted Hill should be number 1, on the basis that any house which may contain Chris Kattan is that much more horrific.

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