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For the week of July 12-18: MADBALLS, MADBALLS, MADBALLS! DIY Rock Band, Shadow Complex and Secret of Monkey Island: SE.


Remember Madballs? Well someone else did too and decided it was a good idea to make a videogame and call it Madballs In….Babo: Invasion. If the punctuation of the title still hasn’t deterred your interest, here’s a trailer. If it has made you lose interest, here’s a bunch of pictures of Madballs. Available now on XBLA and PC.

I’m pretty sure I had the green guy with the eye hanging out, the pink guy with his brains showing and the mummy. And 7-up was a good method of getting the paint to peel off. Who’s the cool guy now?



The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is out this week on XBLA for 800 Microsoft Points. That’s $10 US and about $12 CAN. A remake of the first game in the Monkey Island series, filled with genuinely witty humor and classic PC adventure game play. Now with updated graphics and new hint system and I recommend you play it.



Harmonix has announced The Rock Band Network. A program users can use to create a Rock Band track from their own music with the tabs and the background action and the scoobidy-doo, then upload it for review. If they’re lucky, it will appear in the new market place for user submitted music and players can shop around like they would the normal Rock Band store. Prices will range from 50 cents to $3.00.

Offworld has all the details. If done right, we might be seeing some great content from bands that had zero chance of getting in to the game otherwise. Woo!


If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know how jacked I am for Epic’s newest game, Shadow Complex. just threw up a good read about why you should be excited for this game if I didn’t do a good enough job to begin with you should read Five Pretty Neat Things About Shadow Complex.

Until next week.

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