Posted on: September 15th, 2008 DC’s Next, Green Lantern: A GKS Script

With Batman Begins and The Dark Knight giving DC a leg to stand on in the film medium, fanboys and movie buffs alike clamor at the thought of the next big comic book movie. The wires were hot last week with the reveal of some interesting concept art for DC’s next big property, Green Lantern. Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim are penning the screenplay with one Greg Berlanti directing. No cast has been announced. 

And why wouldn’t I be? The Green Lantern is a fantastic character, worthy of telling some awesome stories. If done right, the film(s) could be FUCKING EPIC. I’m thinking on the scale of Lord of the Rings. That’s if its done right though, which DC (and Marvel, to be fair) still hasn’t eased my worries of. Sure the new Batman films are up there as some of the best adapted properties, but let us not forget the cinematic abortion known as Catwoman. The Green Lantern was also a part of the roadkill that was the Justice League film they were developing last year. Its the same with Marvel properties, for every Iron Man or Incredible Hulk, there’s twice as many Elektras or Ghost Riders. Just because the comics could be adapted to film, doesn’t mean they should. But the films tend to make an ass-load of moolah, so chances are we’ll even end up seeing a Dazzler movie in 2012. But getting back to the Green Lantern…

As a fanboy (as much as I hate the term) its a knee-jerk reaction for me to nay-say and be wary. These are iconic characters for us. There’s been countless times when I’ve watched these comic book movies, and after a string of obscenities, claimed to be able to write a better script. After Spider-Man 3 I wrote a simple treatment for a flick that would’ve been infinitely cooler to see. Cooler to me anyways. But seeing the Green Lantern concept art, and reading some rumors on the script (Hal Jordan’s origin, Legion as villain) I decided to put my money where my mouth is. So I wrote a rough treatment for a Green Lantern film. The film that I want to see. And I’m gonna show it to you guys. It may be embarrassing… it may be incredibly silly… but I could’ve written it with my eyes closed, because it came out as a fan, as someone wanting to see the comic book come to life. Not as someone trying to turn a profit or sell toys (of which I will still buy and display in my living room).

Roll Film…


– COAST CITY, USA – Introduce Hal Jordan, the morning of the job interview at Ferris Industries – Young daredevil pilot.

– Flashback – Fighter pilot for the air force, relieved of duty after his daredevil stunts nearly killed a member of his squadron. This also blacklists Hal from flying with commercial airlines.

– Hal is then confronted by Ferris Aircraft, a privately owned and run aircraft engineering firm. Hal is offered a dangerous job, testing prototype aircraft engines.

– Introduce Carol Ferris, Hal’s love interest. Carol is the daughter of the owner, Ferris Industries, whom employed Hal to test the new aircraft engine.

– The first trial run of the aircraft goes awry, with the engine stalling mid-flight, causing Hal to eject from the plane, destroying it.

– Mr. Ferris gets pissed and throws the book at Hal, threatening to replace him with *John Doe*

– Flashback – *John Doe* was formerly in Hal’s air force squadron, and the real reason for the mission failure.

– Before the second trial, Hal and Carol hookup, confessing love, commitment, etc.

– Second trial run – everything is going according to plan… until a strange craft collides with Hal’s plane mid-flight. Hal manages to crash land the aircraft without damage to himself.

– Hal finds his way to the strange spacecraft. The ship, alien in design, is a destroyed mass… with trails leading away from the ship.

– Hal follows the trail behind a cluster of desert rocks, where he finds the red-skinned and hairless Abin Sur, a Green Lantern.

– Abin Sur is mortally wounded, impaled with a piece of shrapnel. Hal attempts to help the alien, who can only muster cryptic phrases like “it was him” and “betray the Corps”, etc. Hal notices a green ring on Abin’s left middle finger, which beings to glow and emit a deafening noise. Seconds before Abin Sur dies, he takes off the ring and places it in Hal’s hand, his last words are “you have no fear”.

– The ring speaks, “Green Lantern of Sector 2814… deceased”

– Hal places the ring on his finger. The ring emits a blinding green light which envelops him with almost flame-like tendrils. Hal is then completely engulfed with the bright light and green flames.

– It is here we see Hal’s Green Lantern costume form around him. It is just like the classic Jordan costume, albeit not “spandex-y”.



– Silence interrupted with the sound of a heart beating rapidly. A voice cuts through the metronome.

– “Wake up Green Lantern. Wake up Hal Jordan”

– Consciousness floods back to Hal Jordan, lying on a platform what seems to be empty space.

– Introduce the Gaurdians, Ganthet, Sayd and Appa. The Gaurdians familiarize Hal with the history of the Lanterns (via short flashback/montage), and show him the Central Battery, the main source of all of the the Green Lanterns power.

– Hal Jordan, with other new Lanterns, is sworn into the Corps. Recites the oath.

– The Guardians place Hal under mentor-ship of Sinestro, the Green Lantern for sector 1417. This serves as a test for Hal Jordan, as none of Sinestro’s students have successfully become full-fledged Lanterns. Sinestro is stern and incredibly old-fashioned, almost fascist in nature. He has an almost immediate disgust with Hal.

– Sinestro is an older, slender man with  a slightly larger than normal forehead and a purple-ish hue to his skin. A pencil thin mustache gives him a less corny “Snidely Whiplash” appearance. Hugo Weaving?

– A year has passed back on earth, and Hal Jordan is presumed dead though no body was found. *John Doe* has become Hal’s replacement at Ferris Industries, and in Carol’s love life.

– Hal meets several other Lanterns including Kilowog, Tomar-Re and Amon Sur, Abin Sur’s son. Through his race’s telekinesis abilities, Amon knows of Hal’s attempt to save his father. He reveals that the collision between Abin and Hal’s plane delayed what would have been an instant death. Amon believes that this was fate stepping in, meaning it was destiny for Hal to become a Lantern. Amon then makes reference to an ancient Lantern prophecy, and mentions the word “Ion”. Sinestro interrupts their conversation, and barks at Hal to get ready for training.

– Sinestro takes Hal through several training exercises, scrutinizing his every move with little patience. One exercise requires Hal to create a shield with his power ring, to deflects blasts from Sinestro. Sinestro’s green blast slowly turns to yellow, breaching Hal’s sheild blasting him directly in the unprotected chest. Before he blacks out, he hears Sinestro scoul “you fear, Jordan… that’s why you’ll never be a Lantern” and his consciousness fades with laugher.

– Hal goes to the Guardians about Sinestro’s less-than orthodox teaching methods, pleading to be reassigned. The Guardians deny Hal’s request citing Sinestro as old-fashioned but effective, instead ordering him to assist Sinestro on a field mission.

– Hal, alone in his quarters, uses the ring to spy on Carol on earth, where he discovers she has moved on. He is then interrupted by the Guardian Ganthet. Ganthet explains to him the dillemna of not being able to resume his life on earth and how it is against the Guardians rules to use the rings to spy. Ganthet leaves Hal, but on his way out mentions that he should “keep an eye on Sinestro”.

– Sinestro, Hal and Amon Sur, make their way to the planet Korugar, which is under attack by a large alien presence. Sinestro shows his strict leadership over Hal and Sur by seperating them in battle.

– On the planet surface, a huge yellow insect-like monster (Parallax?) is tearing the proverbial shit up. Destroying structures, mowing over clusters of Korugans. Hal Jordan goes into battle with the creature, though Sinestro and Amon are nowhere to be found.

– Amon, who landed a distance behind the creature, in thick foliage, makes his way towards the fight. He is stopped by Sinestro. “Did I ever tell you… Amon Sur… about your father?”

– Hal is deep in battle with the monster. He is picked up by one of its large tentacles and held miles in the air, where he hears the his ring speak.

– “Green Lantern of Sector 2814… deceased”

– Big action scene – Hal uses the ring to create a buzz saw and cut off the monster’s tentacle and free himself. He then seemingly defeates the beast, which dissipates into thin air.

– He flies upwards, scanning the planet surface for Amon. In the distance he spots a yellow flame emitting from a forested area. Hal flies down to the site to find Sinestro standing over Amon’s body. A yellow aura is being sucked from Amon’s body, and into Sinestro’s power ring, now turned yellow instead of green. 

– Sinestro confronts Hal, who proceeds to lecture him about the power of fear and the weakness of will and hope, the elements that fuel the Lanterns. How talks about how he has learned to collect fear and use it to become more powerful. He then reveals how he killed Abin Sur who had found out about Sinestro’s motives to overthrow the Green Lantern Corps.

– Hal engages Sinestro in battle, but is quickly overpowered. The yellow monster re-emerges from the ground, separating Sinestro and Hal. Hal uses this as an opportunity to escape, and makes his way back to Oa, to inform the Guardians and Lanterns of what happened.


– Hal returns to Oa, where he is attacked by other Lanterns – big chase/flight sequence – then taken to the Guardians and charged for failing to prevent the deaths of hundreds of Korugans. It is then that Hal tells them of Amon Sur’s murder and Sinestro’s betrayal of the Lanterns.

– They refuse to believe him until Hal shows them a recording he took, using the ring, of Sinestro ranting about fear over Amon’s corpse.

– Big action sequence – Sinestro attacks Oa.

– Sinestro’s Lantern costume is now yellow, with a new logo (as seen in the Sinestro Corps War comic arc).

– Sinestro kills many Lanterns and all the Guardians except Ganthet.

– Sinestro has a kick ass monologue about fear and creating a new Corps, the Sinestro Corps.

–  Huge action sequence – Hal fights Sinestro, almost defeating him until the yellow creature comes out of Sinestro’s ring and possesses Hal’s body, briefly.

– For a moment Hal becomes fused with Parallax. Sinestro almost defeats Hal, when Hal’s ring begins to malfunction, replaying the recording of Carol on earth; Hal recites the Lantern oath, giving him the willpower to purge the fear.

– Hal throws Sinestro (with the Parallax creature) into the Central Battery, imprisoning him in the “anti-matter universe”.

– Hal returns to Ganthet, with a handful of surviving Lanterns. Ganthet reveals the prophecies of the Lanterns, how the attack and betrayal was meant to be. But if the prophecies are to be believed, then Sinestro would return with a proper army. The Lanterns must now begin restructuring the Corps.

– Hal requests to lead the Corps as general, but Kilowog was already given that post (clearly the comic-relief character). Ganthet reminds Hal that his post has been abandoned for too long and he must return to Earth.

– Hal descends upon Coast City


And that… is the Green Lantern flick I want to see. So there you have it… any thoughts, let your voice be heard below, or forever hold your piece…. I mean peace.

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